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Cloud Solutions
PERO develops a full-chain sensor system. Were we build our own sensors, produce them, integrate them with our own build platform.

Our Platform

There are many variations on IoT sensors connected to some platform, there is little to none who makes the whole chain from hardware side to the dashboard.
While making the full chain, we can make almost all asked problems for our users.

Our objective is to make the best solution for our users, with the features they need to make their lifes better.

Our Services

Different solutions

For different applications.


We can create custom dashboard specific for what you need.

Custom Alerts

Be on time when things go wrong. With our alerting solution you can set alerts with delay and timeout.

Customized sensors | Customized Reporting | Customized Dasboard | Customized Alerts |


When there is a feature you would like to see on our platform, feel free to get in touch with us.

Automatic Reports

By law you need to register certain data, we make reports for you automaticly and send them too you.
Look at our Example Report