Our products and services.

The products and services we provide can be divided into the following categories:

Market segments.

Our products and services can be used for various purposes and are mainly produced for the following market segments:

Wearables for current patient data. Blood tubes with temperature sensors. Track and trace systems of people and goods at a location.

Radar systems for defense, border surveillance and security companies. Smart evacuation lighting to get people out of a building safely in the event of a calamity.

For the leisure market, we have developed smart wearables that allow you to open doors and make payments. A track and trace system in and outdoor (within your site), so that you know where your guests are.

Better control of the building environments not only improves the working or living environment, but also reduces the energy consumption of a building. Effective solutions can guarantee reliable and efficient operation of buildings. PERO Systems develops various systems for this.


PERO Systems ontwikkelt en realiseert innovatieve producten en diensten voor toepassingen in de medische markt, de beveiligingsmarkt en de hightech industrie. Op een flexibele en toepassingsgerichte wijze worden nieuwe technologische ontwikkelingen omgezet in oplossingen voor deze marktgebieden.

Daarnaast ontwikkelt en realiseert PERO Systems ook oplossingen voor derden door de inzet van onze multidisciplinaire expertise op het gebied van productontwikkeling te combineren met die van de klant. Door deze kruisbestuiving van kennis en ervaring zijn we zeer goed in staat geïntegreerde oplossingen te ontwikkelen.

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